21 May, 2008


Well after being extremely lazy over the past few months, I think I am going to give it one more go. If I don't continue this time, than I am just going to delete it and realise that I was never destined to be a blogger. So what am I going to talk about this time, hmmmm good point.

Well firstly, the potential for good surf after the cyclone which is due to hit somewhere along Oman on the 29th of May. Apparently the government are in preparedness if you can use that as I word. I personally am looking forward to it. What does slightly concern me is that fact that these cyclones or tropical storms, as it is likely to be, are becoming more frequent round this area. Bring it on!!! Nothing better than adverse weather. I remember in the 90's in Dubai when we used to get freak storms all the time. Actually will have to try and dig out some photo's of them.

The sailing season is over me this time round now and looking back, it was a funny old one. Highs for me was definately winning the Dubai Muscat Race again in January. It was a bloody long trip though and almost froze to death near the Musandam. It took us 90 hours to finish which considering there was no wind was not too bad. Racing in the Maktoum Trophy once again was hard, but we managed to finish again respectably in third after a hard fought battle with the two pro teams on the Archambaults and David Rostant on his Mumm 30. Highlight for us was definately getting a win by a big margin in race 3 after spanking the right hand side of the course and getting a lucky shift. Went in on the top mark with 25 boat lengths between us and the 2nd place boat.

Anyway enough ramblings for now, I have got to go prepare some boats for a charter we are doing this afternoon. Catch ya later.

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